H & M Industries Inc. was founded in 1989. The people who founded the company are the people who operate the company. People with the most concern are responsible for quality products and services. The company knows the best advertising a quality product can receive is the sincere endorsement of a satisfied customer. The goal of our company is to provide quality products at an affordable price and to offer excellent service.


Buy with confidence and get what you need, when you need it, to get the job done.


Fast Delivery. 99.9% of products will ship within 72 hours.


The H&M Industries Management Team!!!

Owners, Gene & Sue Mode

Email: hmindustries@bellsouth.net

Phone: 704-737-9900

Office Manager, Leisa Jones

Email: hmindustries@bellsouth.net

Phone: 828-248-1681


Field Manager, Ted Blankenship


Pictures of our Warehouse