Wership Of The Property............ 100%

Richwood Building Products manufactures Louvered / Raised Panel Shutters,  Vents, Mounting Blocks, Mantels, and Door

Surrounds (the “Products”) in accordance with high standards and tight quality controls. The Products will
not rust or corrode because they are made of special resins. Richwood Building Products warrants to you, the owner of the
property at the time the Products were installed, that the Products are free from defects in material and workmanship in the course
of manufacture if installed according to our specifications. This Warranty is limited to the terms and conditions,
exclusions and limitations, requirements and legal rights stated in this Warranty. If you are an individual, this Lifetime Limited
Warranty lasts for the life of the property on which the Products were originally applied (“Property”) for
as long as you own the Property. If you are not an individual (e.g., you are a corporation, condominium, cooperative housing
arrangement, unincorporated association, school, church, government or public entity, etc.), the warranty
period will be 50 years from the date of original installation of the Products on the Property, prorated as outlined in the Warranty
Coverage Schedule below. This Lifetime Limited Warranty may be transferred with the Property. However, upon the transfer, the
warranty period will be no more than 50 years from the date of original installation of the Products on the Property, prorated
in accordance with the Warranty Coverage Schedule below. You must notify us in accordance with the notice requirements
outlined below, and we must validate the complaint. Upon the notification and validation, we will undertake the following:
At our sole option, we will either repair, replace, refinish or refund to you the value of the Products found to be defective 
(or prorated if this Warranty is transferred). Our obligations under this Warranty will in no event exceed the
purchase price of the originally installed Products found to be defective. Any additional costs and expenses beyond these amounts
are your responsibility. In the event of repair, replacement or refinishing under this Warranty, the Warranty applicable to the
replacement material or to the repaired or refinished Products will extend only for the time remaining under the original Warranty.